American Accent Makes A Mockery Of American Sexual Intercourse

When the nation of China, will be the way in which the American accent is really a mockery of (or takes the piss from) American sex (not gender, but sex as it pertains to life in the United States), a sort of culture may be the way in which a sort of accent produces a mockery of the type of intercourse; when a kind of culture will be the way in which a variety of accent constitutes a mockery, of your type of intercourse, it seems sensible a type of sexual activity having not do with a sort of accent seeking to befriend a kind of culture.

A sort of accent isn’t accent. A form of culture will not be culture, lastly, a type of lovemaking is not intercourse: when non-sexual activity is detached from no accent wanting to support no culture, the simplicity of sexuality is detached from communication attempting to destroy culture – communication attempting to end culture is culture looking to help communication.

Culture looking to help communication could be the inability to make an effort to help communication. The inability to try and befriend communication is communication being the avoidance with the inability to try – not being able to try is simply avoidance, so, communication can often mean the avoidance of avoidance, or maybe more plainly the sheer and utter fact of interaction.

When communication is actual communication (when communication is really what it’s said to be), this means that sexuality is detached or possibly an enemy of communication: so what on earth could this suggest?

When sexuality is instead of communication being itself, communication being itself could be the friend of sexuality: communication being itself is self being avoidance, and self for an avoidance ways to engage in sex.

The self can be an opposite. An opposite that’s an opposite is definitely an opposition which isn’t possible – the impracticality of hostility is the thing that it methods to have sex.

The impracticality of hostility could be the hostility of possibility. The hostility of possibility is usually a resistance toward magic – sex is the thing that it ways to suppress magic.

If such may be the case, and magic is oppressed by intercourse, it then must are in position to reason that sex and many types of that’s associated with sexual intercourse would be the cause of magic – magic would like to help sexual activity, and keep onto its dignity.

Sex would be the cool. Cool is dignity, and thus, magic may be the endeavour to help you coolness keep onto itself (which in essence means that magic will be the embodiment with the absence of coolness).

The shortage of cool will be the victimised; the victimised may be the mocked, plus the shunned – the mocked along with the shunned elements of reality exist to support the non-mocked along with the non-shunned.

In short: slavery and homelessness are meant by reality to be a device to safeguard mansions and exploitation, but only from your perspective it is only slavery and homelessness and neither mansions or exploitation which mean consciousness and reflection.